WeHost is founded

Korpi Capital is co-founding WeHost Oy. WeHost is a short-term tenancy brokerage and management service that operates in Helsinki. Ohto Pentikäinen was asked to be the […]

Suomen Isokivi acquires the entire share capital of Lahden Kestobetoni

Suomen Isokivi Oy acquires the entire share capital of Lahden Kestobetoni, which manufactures precast concrete elements. Suomen Isokivi Oy belongs to the Potius Group. Korpi Capital […]

Ruokaboksi is established

Ruokaboksi Oy is established. The mission of the Ruokaboksi is to reduce the hassle of grocery shopping and planning and increase family time together. Check out […]

Leppämäen yhteismetsä begins its operations

The shareholders of Korpi Capital have signed the agreement on the Leppämäen yhteismetsä. The purpose of the Leppämäen yhteismetsä is to buy forest holdings and sell […]

KOy Pitsku hands over the completed hostel to Forenom

KOy Pitsku will hand over the completed Hostel Pitäjänmäki accommodation service to Forenom. The hostel has 122 rooms. Check out Forenom Hostel Pitäjänmäki here.

Forever will open a fitness center on the Järvenpään Kuntoklubi’s property

The property built by KOy Järvenpää Kuntoklubi has been completed. KOy will hand over the property to Forever Järvenpää Oy. The fitness center will open on […]

The real estate development project at Erottajankatu 1 begins

The project company Tegel Oy will start a real estate development project at Erottajankatu 1. At the site, 1,150 m2 of office space will be converted […]

Grate Finland establishes Sea Granite

Grate Finland Oy establishes Sea Granite Oy, which acquires Eumer Oy’s quarry business. Korpi Capital is the organizer of the reorganization. Sea Granite produces a variety […]

KOy Pitsku begins hotel conversion

KOy Pitsku has signed a lease agreement with the accommodation service Forenom Oy. KOy has signed a KVR contract with VH-Talot Oy for the conversion of […]