KOy Järvenpään Kuntoklubi is established

KOy Järvenpää Kuntoklubi is established. KOy signs a general liability contract with the construction company Lehto for the construction of a 2486 m² fitness center in […]

Korpi Capital acquires more shares of Kattotutka

Korpi Capital acquires more shares of Kattotutka. The growth of the Kattotutka will continue as planned, and Korpi Capital will support the growth even more strongly. […]

Grate Finland Oy acquires a majority stake in Sysi

Grate Finland Oy acquires a majority stake in Sysi Oy. Korpi Capital acts as the organizer of the share transaction. Sysi Oy is a company specializing […]

Aparthotel Herttoniemi is opened

KOy Herttoniemen Arvokiinteistö will hand over Aparthotel Herttoniemi’s accommodation service to Forenom. The first guests will arrive at the 145-room apartment hotel on the day of […]

KOy Herttoniemen Arvokiinteistö is established

KOy Herttoniemen Arvokiinteistö is established. Kiinteistö Oy buys an office property at Hitsaajankatu 12, Helsinki. The conversion of the office into an apartment hotel for the […]

Grate Finland is established

Grate Finland Oy is established. Grate is a domestic and growing engineering firm with special expertise in steel structures and conveyor systems. Check out Grate here.