Korpi Capital is a Finnish investment firm. We invest in companies who are leaders in their respective fields. Alongside companies, we also invest in real estate and Finnish forestry. We are a long-term owner and support our companies in fulfilling their growth strategies. We value our relationship with our companies’ management as well as other investors and stakeholders. We offer our portfolio companies the skills, financing, and fortitude required for profitable growth and expansion.

The founders of Korpi Capital, Mikko Leppänen and Tatu Mäkimartti, first began working together in 2007 through founding a forestry services firm. Their cooperation increased with each new jointly founded company. In 2013, the ownership of these companies was gathered under one entity, when Leppänen and Mäkimartti jointly established Korpi Capital Oy.

Korpi Capital is owned by its founders. Tatu Mäkimartti is the chair of the company’s board. Korpi Capital's Partner Kaisa Hyry is a member of the board.

Our name, Korpi, stands for a mountainous forest, typically dense with pine or birch trees. The name relates to our fundamental values of a long-term sustainability and stability in our investment operations. It also portrays the founders’ interest in forest ownership.